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Fundraising That Works!

How It Works:

For the past 5 years I have been using the amazing art of children to raise funds for causes. From an art program for the Hacienda Special Education Program, Autism Speaks, The Shane Tarkington Foundation to The Hispanic Foundation of San Jose, Willow Glen Elementary Art, Relay For Life,  and countless others, using art to fund their cause. 

I took the idea to the Santa Clara County Office of Education and we know we have hit on something!   

Literally, the cost  to have us teach an art class, edit the image, upload it all for you and organized your class lists,  PAYS FOR ITSELF once the fundraiser starts. One local school made over $8000 just by having their parents purchase tote bags  –  but we have over 30 products to choose from.! Imagine the possibilities!   If 400 out of 600 families in the school participates and spends $50 on their own child’s products – the school will get $8000! Yes, $8K with a few clicks, no volunteers, and kids proud as peacocks that their art is on an iphone or a cup!

We come to your school and do it all for you.

The cost is covered by the fundraiser.

It is sustainable for years to come.

You make money on it with every purchase. Sound too easy? Seriously. It works. Here’s how:

  1. We teach one class or have you use our video lessons.
  2. We do the paperwork, scan, edit & upload the entire school on sites with password protected products. 
  3. We give you Instagram, FB and Email blasts to give parents information, deadlines,  and to urge them to tell all family members to shop.
  4.  Your school goes online and shops. And makes 30-40% profit on each item.

So. Darn. Easy.

Can’t afford the upfront?  We have “shop for a cause options “ with corporations & with a shop for a cause nights with our partner Makers Market in Santana Row.