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Julie Stover



ArtHouse Studio is led by Executive Director, Julie Stover. With degrees in Art Education and Art History, Julie developed an art education program known as ArtHouse Kids, which focused on art history, art exploration & world culture, for over two decades.  In 2021, Julie transformed this successful model into a non-profit, ArtHouse Studio, where she serves as Executive Director. The Arthouse mission and primary focus is to address the disparity in creative and entrepreneurial opportunities within underprivileged communities through the power of art. Julie’s unwavering mission has always revolved around engaging both companies and communities to aid, inspire and connect to the youth that surround them, with our unique “youth art galleries” that connect us all.

Julie’s entrepreneurial spirit is fueled by her passion to teach students that they can, despite their circumstances, draw on their innate creative ability to use their imaginations, innovate and find their own passions. We have glowing testimonials from parents, educators, superintendents and social workers including those in the the mental health facilities affirming the profound importance of our program. But these are not just statistics; they represent the lives our teachers have touched, the talents we’ve nurtured, and the untapped creative potential we’ve unlocked. We are thrilled to continue our journey and in our dedication to making a profound impact on the youth we serve through art education.