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Prop 28

Your school and Prop 28

California voters approved Proposition 28: The Arts and Music in Schools Funding Guarantee and Accountability Act. The measure requires the state to establish a new, ongoing program supporting arts instruction in schools beginning in 2023–24. The amount of funding available each fiscal year for the Arts and Music in Schools (AMS) program will be one percent of the K–12 portion of the Proposition 98 funding guarantee provided in the prior fiscal year, excluding funding appropriated for the AMS program.

Schools with ArtHouse Programs (references available)

Luther Burbank Elementary
Luther Burbank Middle School
River Glen Elementary
Rosemary Elementary
Terrell Elementary
Carlton Elementary
Noddin Elementary
Union School District
Village Elementary School
St. Martin of Tours School
Santa Clara High School
Lynhaven Elementary
Schallenberger Elementary
Monroe Middle School
Lexington Elementary School
Hoover Middle School
Valley Christian
Gardner Elementary
Downtown College Prep
Blackford Elementary
Willow Glen Elementary
Capri Elementary
CSI Elementary
Monte Loma Elementary
SCCOE Alternative School – Sunol
SCCOE Alternative School – South County
Castlemont Elementary
Sakamoto International School Campbell
Sakamoto International School San Jose
Forest Hill Elementary
Academy of Excellence, Oakland
Santa Clara School District (online art with Starting Arts)
Wellness Programs:
Santos Elementary School
Luther Burbank Middle School
Eliot Elementary School