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Art In The Schools

A Few of Our Creativity for Life Programs

Art History, Art & World Culture, “Steam-tivity” and More!

Art and Nature K-8th

Students brainstorm ideas on helping our planet, how to get creative with recycled materials and create art based on the beauty of our planet, with a blend of science and art.


Inclusivity, Diversity and Social Change

Students learn to express themselves, and experience the power of working together as change makers in their world, using art as their voice of change


Art and Innovation, 3-12th

Students are inspired to create, innovate through re-designing and imagining new inventions, while learning valuable business, marketing and presentation skills. Turn images into products!


Art and Literature, K-8th

Students have a chance to interpret poetry, stories and inspirational speeches. They learn about literature,character development and storytelling.

Cultural Lessons: Eiffel Tower

We also offer curriculum that includes Art and Nature, Art and Literature, Artinerary “Art Around the World”, Art With the Masters and our new Art to Entrepreneurship lessons that have your child redesign and use their imaginations for the road ahead!

And we offer an amazing fundraising opportunity for your school. Use images from our daily lessons and put on products for kids to purchase. See details in our Fund Art With Art Section!