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Art In The Schools

We Offer Curriculum That Focuses On Technique, Imagination And Innovation As Their Future.

Shopping For Video and Print Lessons?

Use our tried and true curriculum to teach and inspire in your school, your home or for our successful fundraising model with images from these videos!

We offer:

  • Step by step “best of” video’s
  • Inexpensive “art to entrepreneurship” prompt lessons for ‘barely there” budgets but big imaginations
  • Themed lesson packet pdf’s  including art & nature, art & the masters, art around the world (Artinerary) and  art and literature with great information, fun lessons and extra prompts for core curriculum thinking.

All of these can be used in conjunction with the fundraising program.

Cultural Lessons: Eiffel Tower
We also offer curriculum that includes Art and Nature, Art and Literature, Artinerary “Art Around the World”, Art With the Masters and our new Art to Entrepreneurship lessons that have your child redesign and use their imaginations for the road ahead!

And we offer an amazing fundraising opportunity for your school. Use images from our daily lessons and put on products for kids to purchase. See details in our Fund Art With Art Section!